About Me

My Motivation

Dealing with photography provides a huge amount of creative moments to me and it’s a way to show my own view onto the world. This process starts with the creation of a vision for a picture, taking the shots and especially working with the pictures during the post process.

At the end the reflection on the result and looking back on your own development is like a journey through your own mind.

I am working with different techniques and all kind of interesting objects nature provides. Doing so I am not looking for spectacular landscapes but rather to find the small everyday wonders.

On this site I want to show an extract of my photographic work created in the last years. This is without commercial background but with the hope for some constructive and respectful comments.

My Work

Currently I am not fixed on a specific genre and I like to explore and try out all kind creative ways photography provides. On this way it’s not my target to reproduce the reality with my pictures rather than to create something personal.

I am using all kind of techniques during taking the picture and in the post-process I utilize the freedom the software provides to create the picture I have in my mind.

Like other creative people I am also looking on the pictures from other photographers and analyze the composition and techniques. As an autodidact it’s an important way to learn and grow. But this also implies that my pictures are influenced by other artists.

If you want to send a comment please contact me by mail: mail@bilder-visionen.de