the visual dialog
by ulrich glaser


- my person

Dealing with photography provides a huge amount of creative moments to me and it's a way to show my own view onto the world. This process starts with the creation of a vision for a picture, taking the shots and especially working with the pictures during the post process. At the end the reflection on the result and looking back on your own development is like a journey through your own mind.

I am working with different techniques and all kind of interesting objects nature provides. Doing so I am not looking for spectacular landscapes but rather to find the small everyday wonders.
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- this page

On this site I want to show an extract of my photographic work created in the last years. This is without commercial background but with the hope for some constructive and respectful comments.
As with many other photographers my pictures are influenced also by artworks from artists and sites in the internet especially by which is a great source for inspirations.
To reduce the creation of tracking data for the big players you won’t find any advertisement on this site or other tracking mechanism. I only used some services from Google which you can’t avoid if you work with the internet.

I want to thank the people below who has provided some fantastic code snippets which I used for this site:
  • Rafa R. on
  • Viljami S. on
  • Osvaldas Valutis on

March 2020 Ulrich Glaser